Dr. Seibel played a significant role in the newly upgraded version of the Carl Zeiss Meditec OMPI VISU 150 BrightFlex microscope, which introduces an entirely new dimension in surgical quality. Because of his background in technology and his relationship to the ophthalmic industry, Dr. Seibel was able to arrange for the OMPI microscope to include BrightFlex technology, which makes cataract surgery even safer and more effective by enhancing the surgeon’s view during cataract surgery.

Now, to ensure that the constantly increasing demands of cataract surgery can continue to be met in the future, these surgical microscopes have now been even more precisely tailored to the special needs of their applications with previously unparalleled quality.

cataract surgeon As a result, a totally new dimension in the quality of the red reflex is now offered by the OPMI VISU 150 BrightFlex surgical microscope. Thanks to highly specialized mirror geometry, the rich, bright red reflex is now even more stable. Even with narrow pupils and the patient’s eye slightly decentered, the red reflex is always rich and stable. And the use of apochromatic optics throughout the entire system ensures that Dr. Seibel will see even the smallest details with astounding clarity and definition.

cataract surgeon los angeles Thanks not only to the system’s compact design but also to the various tubes and objective lenses available, Dr. Seibel can always adopt a comfortable, ergonomically correct posture for your procedure. One-touch recentering of the focus and XY coupling eliminates the need for resetting of the system before each surgical procedure. This ensures an optimum sitting and viewing position at all times and allows Dr. Seibel to fully concentrate on the task at hand rather than using valuable time looking for the right control.

cataract surgeon To optimally protect your eye and also see as many details as possible during surgery, this surgical microscope features totally apochromatic optics. The light transmission provided is so high that Dr. Seibel can work with very low light intensities – and yet enjoy a crisp, brilliant image without color falsification at the same time.

The OPMI VISU 150 BrightFlex surgical microscope is designed to sharply focus on the individual needs of each and every ophthalmic surgeon.

Microscope image with outstandingly high contrast for

  • Excellent detail recognition
  • Extremely high light transmission
  • Lower light intensity
  • Reduced exposure to excessive irradiation
  • Less risk of photoretinitis

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