As you consider the cost of your LASIK Santa MonicaLASIK procedure, first consider the quality of available surgical technique, technology and experience. As all eye surgery is extremely surgeon-dependent, choose your LASIK surgeon wisely.

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At Seibel Vision Surgery, we provide only one level of service: premium, personalized care and the most comfortable, safe, and predictable LASIK correction available. We are committed to employing innovative LASIK technology and exquisite surgical expertise, for unsurpassed quality at the most reasonable expense. We absolutely refuse to compromise or discount the outcome of your LASIK procedure. There are no shortcuts to excellent vision.

  • Financed Payment Options
  • Insurance and other options

We would be pleased to assist you, should you require financing. Please keep in mind that authorization of financing must be received one week prior to your pre-operative assessment.

Most health insurance plans consider laser eye surgery to be an elective procedure and so typically do not offer coverage. Medicare and health insurance organizations do not pay for LASIK eye surgery.


Your initial FREE LASIK consultation is designed to introduce, educate and determine your candidacy only. There is no sales pitch.

Determine for yourself the level of competency you require and the quality of care you desire. It is important that you to feel secure in your decision to undergo LASIK surgery and be satisfied with the outcome.

Prices in the United States for LASIK surgery performed on both eyes range from “as low as $999” on the low end, to about $6,000 on the high end. The low-end rates are teaser rates advertised by some discount centers, and worked in such a way that the average person ends up paying much more.

At Seibel Vision Surgery, we offer only one level of LASIK – that which is in your best interest. We achieve the highest level of LASIK results, while our fees remain very competitive for this level of premium service. Our services include bladeless IntraLase for all LASIK patients as well as CustomVue Wavefront LASIK whenever applicable. This gives our patients an incredible price-to-value ratio.

Our exact fee will be quoted when you visit with Dr. Seibel during your complimentary FREE LASIK Consultation and will be a single all-inclusive amount that does away with having to select from a menu of potentially less expensive options, any of which could compromise your best possible outcome. Our standard LASIK fee policy mirrors our commitment to providing only the best possible care and technology available.

  • FREE LASIK consultation
  • Pre-operative LASIK assessment
  • IntraLase all-laser LASIK
  • CustomVue Wavefront LASIK, if applicable
  • LASIK-related medications, drops, and supplies
  • LASIK post-operative exams: next day, three week, and three month
  • LASIK enhancement, if needed, for one year

Part of the fee compensates the LASIK center for its facility usage and pays a royalty to VISX for use of its sophisticated laser technology.

Our LASIK fee does not cover the cost of any eyeglasses or contact lenses, plugs, prescriptions, or services provided at other facilities. If you decide to obtain some of your initial LASIK consultation or LASIK post-operative care elsewhere, you will be responsible for arranging and paying the costs of that care.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are as near as your telephone and happy to be of assistance. If you would like to schedule a consultation for your LASIK procedure, Dr. Seibel offers LASIK eye surgery to the Santa Monica, Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills areas.