Why Choose Us

From your first contact through post-operative follow-up exams, it is our goal to ensure that you will have an exceptional experience throughout your entire process.

We believe that a doctor/patient relationship based on knowledge, trust and forward-thinking is the number one reason so many Los Angeles residents choose us. Our goal is not only to improve your vision, but also to ultimately enhance the quality of your life.

Every detail of our practice is designed with that goal in mind; each stage of every procedure is constantly and consistently reviewed for a deeper understanding of the surgical techniques involved in LASIK and cataract surgery, and what possible enhancements can be introduced, ensuring the highest measure of thoughtful patient care.

Dr. Seibel personally oversees every aspect of your procedure, including overseeing of the clinical and surgical facilities. He personally trains and manages his entire staff, focusing on achieving the maximum level of quality control, including developing surgical instruments specifically to enhance the safety, comfort and effectiveness of LASIK and cataract surgery worldwide.

A leader, teacher and innovator in the more technically demanding cataract surgery, Dr. Seibel’s extensive expertise insures a higher level of ability as an eye surgeon because his experience encompasses a much broader base of knowledge.

Phacodynamics, the leading text book for cataract surgery, is a result of Dr. Seibel’s commitment to innovation and excellence in eye surgery. As an international best seller on the subject of cataract surgery, Phacodynamics explains in fine detail the methods and motivations behind each and every step for achieving the ultimate individualization of refractive surgery. Dr. Seibel pioneered this specialized method of study to help surgeons develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental surgical principles, as well as the minute details of phaco machine technology.

Dr. Seibel is recognized by industry as both an expert consultant as well as the Director of LASIK and Cataract Surgical Skills Transfer Courses for the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

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We are dedicated to giving individualized one-on-one patient attention, from the initial consultation through the latest in computerized diagnostic testing, surgical preparation and recovery, as well as all post-operative exams.

Seibel Vision Surgery is continually striving to stay on the forefront of modern eye surgery, not only by keeping abreast of the latest advancements made in the industry, but by deliberately assisting in the development of new technology and techniques to provide the best possible patient care.