Johnson and Johnson TECNIS Symfony Extended Depth of Focus IOL: Bridging the Gap in Vision Correction

For those considering cataract surgery, the Johnson and Johnson TECNIS Symfony
Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) IOL offers a groundbreaking solution. This innovative
intraocular lens is designed to provide patients with a continuous range of high-quality
vision, from distance to intermediate, while reducing dependence on reading glasses.


The TECNIS Symfony EDOF IOL stands out due to its ability to deliver extended depth of focus, providing clear vision across a wide range of distances. Unlike traditional monofocal lenses that offer a single focal point, the Symfony lens ensures a seamless visual experience that covers both near and intermediate distances without sacrificing distance clarity. This makes it ideal for daily activities such as using digital devices, and driving; reading especially at closer distances might require glasses.

Made from a high-quality, hydrophobic acrylic material, the TECNIS Symfony lens is designed for durability and biocompatibility. Its unique design features a diffractive echelette structure, which elongates the focus of light entering the eye, resulting in a continuous range of vision and enhanced contrast sensitivity.



At the core of the TECNIS Symfony EDOF IOL is Johnson and Johnson’s proprietary
diffractive echelette design. This advanced technology modifies the way light is bent by
the lens, extending the focus and providing a continuous range of clear vision. The
result is less dependency on additional corrective lenses and a more natural visual experience.

The Symfony lens also incorporates chromatic aberration correction, which minimizes
color dispersion and enhances image quality. This technology ensures that all colors of
light are focused precisely on the retina, leading to sharper and more vivid vision across
different lighting conditions.


1. Extended Depth of Focus: The TECNIS Symfony EDOF IOL provides a continuous range of vision, making it easier to perform various daily activities such as using a computer, and driving without constantly needing glasses; reading, especially at closer distances, might require glasses.

2. Reduced Dependence on Glasses: By offering extended depth of focus, the Symfony lens significantly reduces the need for glasses, enhancing convenience and improving the overall quality of life for patients.

3. Enhanced Contrast Sensitivity: The unique diffractive design of the Symfony lens improves contrast sensitivity, which is crucial for better vision in low-light conditions such as night driving.

4. Minimal Visual Disturbances: The TECNIS Symfony EDOF IOL is designed to minimize common visual disturbances often associated with extended range lens implants such as halos and glare, providing a more comfortable visual experience.

5. Proven Clinical Outcomes: Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of the Symfony lens in delivering excellent visual performance. Patients report high satisfaction levels and a significant improvement in their vision quality post-

Tennis Symphony IOL


The Johnson and Johnson TECNIS Symfony Extended Depth of Focus IOL is a
remarkable advancement in cataract surgery, offering a broad range of vision and
reducing the reliance on glasses. At Seibel Vision Surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Barry S.
Seibel and his team are committed to providing the best options for your visual needs.
The TECNIS Symfony EDOF IOL is an excellent choice for those seeking a seamless
and extended range of clear vision. Experience the benefits of the TECNIS Symfony
EDOF IOL and enjoy a clearer, more vibrant view of the world.