Next, to choosing the best surgeon, the key component in achieving the best possible outcomes is utilizing the highest level of technology.

Whether you’re undergoing a routine test for glaucoma, cataract surgery or a LASIK procedure, you’ll want to be sure that the equipment being used on your eyes is most technologically advanced possible. At Seibel Vision Surgery, we are proud to share the amazing technological advances that we have chosen especially for you.

Our exciting VISX CustomVue system combined with IntraLase provides our LASIK patients with unparalleled accuracy, exceptional personalized treatment, and an extraordinary advance in terms of safety and precision.

Our fully customized LASIK suite includes:

  • IntraLase IntraLASIK Laser
  • VISX CustomVue ActiveTrak
  • VISX CustomVue Star S4 Laser
  • VISX CustomVue Variable Spot Scanning (VSS)
  • VISX CustomVue WavePrint

The full benefit of this innovative technology is only available with VISX CustomVue and IntraLase Twenty-five times the precision of conventional LASIK or wavefront directed LASIK, the combination of VISX CustomVue and IntraLase offers vastly improved safety and patient comfort, with the potential to improve night vision and to provide better than 20/20 vision without glasses or contact lenses.

CLICK ON THE LINKS to the upper left and learn more about our amazing, technologically advanced equipment in use at Seibel Vision Surgery. To stay on the cutting edge, we are constantly evaluating new technologies that come on the market to see if they offer better treatment options. You can always count on us to be concerned, informed, and innovative!