Amazing technological breakthroughs have happened in LASIK vision correction over the last 10-15 years. Before, LASIK treatments were based on diagnostic technology similar to that used for the prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Now, the new WavePrint System by VISX takes LASIK to an entirely new, personalized level by combining exclusive personalized diagnostic technology and the excimer laser into one system.

The VISX WavePrint map is derived from technology first developed to correct distortions of light waves from space, which allowed researchers to accurately view images of stars and planets. The LASIK WavePrint map uses this same technology to measure light waves as they travel through your eye. This provides a precise and more detailed analysis of your vision before your LASIK procedure.

The VISX WavePrint map is a brightly colored diagram of your vision. The different colors show Dr. Seibel how light is moving through your eye. For example, red shows areas in which light moves quickly, blue shows areas in which light is moving slowly.

The VISX STAR platform’s heritage of dependability and performance is well known for producing the best possible results for LASIK procedures. The STAR S4 from VISX has taken that reputation to an even higher level with automatic alignment for both eyes, horizontal alignment capability, multiple treatments and off- line programming, plus the following exciting features:


LASIK FingerprintFirst, it includes a diagnostic device for LASIK that maps the entire optical path of your eye. This WavePrint map is called the “fingerprint of your vision”. Like a fingerprint, the cornea of your eye is unique to you. The WaveScan measures the way light travels through your eye and compares it to the way light would travel through a “perfect” eye. This determines the refractive errors (aberrations) of the eye. Dr. Seibel will use this information to plan a personalized LASIK treatment for you.

LASIK waveprint systemSecond, your actual LASIK treatment is enhanced by the VISX Star S4 excimer laser with 3D ActiveTrak, which automatically and instantaneously tracks the minute movements of your eye in all three dimensions during the LASIK treatment. This unique feature means you no longer have to hold your eye perfectly still, but can relax, knowing your treatment is precisely centered on your eye.

Your LASIK procedure will also include VISX VSS (Variable Spot Scanning), which provides flexibility in more personalized LASIK vision correction. Dr. Seibel uses these exclusive technologies along with the WavePrint map to provide LASIK vision correction care based on your personal vision needs, all to provide you with your best possible vision!