VISX Activetrak

In order to get a precise LASIK treatment, the laser beam must be centered on the eye. Your LASIK results depend on it. If the eye goes too far away from the center, it is important for the laser to stop or slow down until the eye is properly aligned again. The VISX StarS4 laser does this for you, unlike others that can’t be stopped no matter how far off center the eye becomes. The ActiveTrak with its dual aide mounted infrared cameras continuously positions the laser beam precisely on the eye throughout the LASIK procedure.

Without a tracking device, the LASIK procedure would require you to hold your eyes as still as possible during the LASIK eye surgery. However, even a “still” eye makes minute, involuntary movements – including moving slightly with each breath.

Now, VISX 3D ActiveTrak follows the tiny motions of your eye instantaneously and automatically, in all three dimensions, repositioning the laser to ensure accuracy during your LASIK procedure.

There is no need to concentrate and try to hold your eye still as you must in other, non-tracking lasers. You don’t need to worry about seeing the fixation light and keeping your eyes focused on it.

ActiveTrak follows the tiny motions of your eye instantaneously and automatically adjusts the laser beam. And, it is the only eye tracking laser to track your eye in all three dimensions – up, down, and vertical. Eye position and speed are checked at least six times before every pulse as compared to only 1.7 times per pulse with radar tracking lasers. The three-dimensional capability that tracks the x, y and z axis means that ActiveTrak follows not only the left and right movements of the eye; it follows the up and down movements that can happen when one breathes.


This is the only LASIK system that can capture all three dimensions of intra-operative eye movements without the requirement of pupillary dilation. There is no need to worry if your eye wanders. The ActiveTrak just slows down and waits for your eye to “straighten up” again before going on with the LASIK treatment.

Being too far off center can cause elliptical LASIK treatments that give less than optimal results. The ActiveTrak prevents this from happening, so you can truly relax, knowing that you’re obtaining a LASIK correction that’s precisely centered on your eye.