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Private Practice, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Founder and Director, Seibel Vision Surgery. Specializing in Cataract and Refractive Surgery. 2003 – current.


Private Practice, San Francisco. Director of Cataract and Lens Implant Surgery, Pacific Vision Institute. 2004-2006, 2021-2023.


Maloney-Seibel Vision Institute
Director of Cataract Surgery
Specializing in Refractive Cataract Surgery


Kaiser Permanente
Co-Director and Co-Founder of Laser Vision Correction Program for Southern California,
Consultant for Complex Cataract Case Management,
Comprehensive Ophthalmology


One of Dr. Seibel’s major contributions to medicine is his textbook on cataract surgery, “Phacodynamics” – used by eye surgeons worldwide for learning the science behind cataract surgery specific to patients as individuals rather than a generalized approach. Last released in its 400-page Fourth Edition, this classic text has also been welcomed in Japanese and Spanish among other translations. Having mastered the principles in his textbook, Dr Seibel is among the very few (about 1%) of US surgeons to routinely use Dual Linear Pedal Control for the greatest finesse and safety for his patients.

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Dr. Seibel is an inventor and U.S. Patent Holder.  The Seibel IntraLASIK Flap Lifter is just one of 20 surgical instruments that he created to enhance both patient and surgeon experience during vision correction surgery. It was so well received that IntraLase (the bladeless LASIK company) has used it in demonstrating and teaching their latest technology to surgeons around the world. Dr. Seibel’s innovative instruments are some of the most useful designs in the field of eye surgery with applications for cataract, LASIK, and glaucoma procedures.
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Dr. Seibel’s extensive background and expertise in both the art and technology of cataract surgery has placed him in high demand from ophthalmic industry.  He has served as a bioengineering consultant to multiple companies, helping to bring new technologies to market.  His work with industry means that you as a patient will not only be made aware of some of the most advanced current technology, but also often some promising technologies that might soon become available.
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As you may well know, an ophthalmologist is a medically licensed eye surgeon and, as such, Dr. Seibel is highly regarded not only by his patients, but also by his peers. He offers his teaching services to other ophthalmologists world-wide. He also participates as an investigator in numerous FDA clinical trials for the continual improvement of patient-centered eye surgery. Because of activities such as these, Dr. Seibel stays up-to-date on proven techniques and technology for obtaining your optimum vision.
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Dr. Seibel has been honored to serve as the Director of all Surgical Skills Transfer Courses, (which includes cataract surgery, LASIK, vitrectomy and glaucoma surgery) for the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. This prestigious series of courses provides ophthalmologists from all over the globe an opportunity to gain knowledge handed over (“transferred”) from one eye surgeon to another.  A dedicated teacher, Dr. Seibel has delivered over 300 eye surgery lectures worldwide!
As a bioengineering consultant to the ophthalmic industry as well as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of California, Los Angeles, Jules Stein Eye Clinic, Dr. Seibel can offer you all the advantages of the latest technology, as well as access to ongoing clinical trials.
  • Dr. Seibel was the first Southern California eye surgeon to utilize the femtosecond laser in cataract surgery.
  • Dr. Seibel was one of only 13 eye surgeons chosen to participate as a FDA investigator to validate Wavefront LASIK technology for VISX in the United States.
  • He was the first eye surgeon in Los Angeles to offer the combined technologies of bladeless, all-laser LASIK with IntraLase with the VISX CustomVue wavefront ablation.
  • Dr. Seibel was among a handful of U.S. surgeons to participate in the FDA approval of the Capsule Tension Ring used in complex cataract surgery.
Dr. Seibel combines a solid background in technology, the sophisticated expertise of a world-renowned cataract eye surgeon, and the concern and attention of a dedicated physician to help you achieve your Personal Best Vision.

Why The Medical Industry Asks For Barry S. Seibel, Md?

The demand for Dr. Seibel’s technical advice is largely due to his ability to bridge the disciplines of clinical medicine and engineering, combining his surgical experience with his background in math and physics. Read Dr. Seibel’s approach to medicine.
For Dr. Seibel, consulting is wonderfully synergistic with practicing medicine. Being closely involved in the current state-of-the-art ophthalmic technology allows him to utilize and evaluate this technology in light of what advances he knows lie on the horizon. Dr. Seibel’s involvement in consulting further strengthens his experience and knowledge, which is then utilized in future consulting, thus forming a continuous bond. While both Dr. Seibel and the companies for whom he consults continue to gain further insights, the real beneficiary is you, the patient!


  • Dr. Seibel serves as a consultant to Eyemaginations, which brings qualified industry and medical expertise together with state-of-the-art creative services—in full color, high motion 3D animation. The days of using posters, plastic models and brochures to communicate are fading as the power of the today’s technology is being phased into practical applications everywhere. Eyemaginations brings the benefits of a multi-media approach into every aspect of medical practices for a completely enhanced patient experience, entering a new era of sophistication in healthcare services. Eyemaginations continues to be an innovator in the evolution of these tools for better communication.  Dr. Seibel’s expertise in surgery, patient education, and graphic design were all utilized.


  • Optimedica Corporation is a Silicon Valley medical device company dedicated to working with ophthalmologists to evolve standards of care which provide significant benefits to both physicians and patients. The company was founded to develop a radically new technology for the treatment of cataracts by replacing several manual surgical steps with the enhanced precision of an advanced laser.  Dr. Seibel worked side-by-side with Stanford and Cal Tech Physicists both in the laboratory as well as international surgical sites to help develop this revolutionary technology.


  • Dr. Seibel has served as a consultant to Calhoun Vision, Inc (now Rx Sight, Inc.), a high-end technology startup company that promises to revolutionize the entire field of cataract surgery by allowing lens implants to be adjusted in power after surgery in order to minimize dependence on glasses. A privately held company, Calhoun Vision, Inc. is engaged in developing and commercializing a new platform technology that combines advanced principles in chemistry and optics. Calhoun’s products will have widespread utility in both medical and non-medical areas.  Dr. Seibel’s services included his expertise both in cataract/lens implant surgery as well as his innovation in instrument design with regard to insertion devices for these new lens implants.


  • Dr Seibel was honored to served as the inaugural Chairman of the Surgical Advisory Board for this cutting edge Silicon Valley company.  Auris was founded by Fred Moll MD, who had co-founded Intuitive Surgical which produced the ground-breaking DaVinci Surgical Robot used in prostate and heart surgery.  Auris was formed to push these horizons into the realm of microsurgical applications including eye and endoscopic procedures.  Dr. Seibel’s services were sought because of his extensive work in the invention and development of Phacodynamics, an approach to cataract surgery based on physics and engineering which was ideally suited to robotic applications.


  • VISX, Incorporated is the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of proprietary laser vision correction technologies. VISX laser systems have been used to perform over two million laser vision correction procedures in the U.S. alone. Over 1,200 VISX laser systems have been installed worldwide since the Company’s inception in 1986 – significantly more than any other laser vision correction manufacturer. Dr. Seibel was one of only 13 eye doctor investigators nationwide for the FDA validation studies for the VISX CustomVue LASIK system.


  • Dr. Seibel also served as a consultant to Bausch & Lomb Surgical, one of the best known and most respected healthcare brands in the world. Bausch & Lomb is a giant eye health company, dedicated to perfecting vision and enhancing life for consumers around the world. Its core businesses include soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses and lens care products, and ophthalmic surgical and pharmaceutical products.  Dr. Seibel worked side-by-side with the talented engineers who created their phaco (cataract surgery) machines, offering bio-engineering feedback based on both his surgical expertise as well as background in instrument and graphic user interface design.


Dr. Seibel helps thousands of patients in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills areas to see better and enjoy a more fulfilling life.  Utilizing sophisticated diagnostic equipment and a caring support staff, he personally examines and talks with each patient to understand their individual condition and goals in order to determine their best treatment options.
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