LASIK Enhancements


At Seibel Vision Surgery, we experience an overwhelming success rate with our LASIK patients in only one refractive treatment. Sometimes, however, due to each individual’s prescription level, unique physiology and individual response to the laser treatment, an additional LASIK treatment or LASIK enhancement, may be required.

There are currently two methods used for LASIK enhancement. One involves re-lifting the flap created from the first surgery and reshaping the underlying corneal tissue. The second involves making a new flap.

Studies have indicated that LASIK enhancements are performed in approximately 8-17% of cases. If a LASIK enhancement is required, this is typically determined after the three-month visit, when the eye is fully stabilized, although in some cases stabilization may require more than three months.

In order to be eligible, a patient must wait the minimum three months after the first LASIK eye surgery and must have adequate corneal tissue, stable vision, and meet other conditions set by Dr. Seibel. If you are searching for LASIK enhancements in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills areas… schedule your consultation with us today!